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Serenity in photography

Creating the state of being calm, peaceful, and untroubled in an image.

Whether it means sitting on a beach looking out at the ocean and listening to the waves brush the shoreline, or walking through a beautiful tree lined wood.

Just experiencing where I am and capturing its beauty gives me an inner calmness and feeling of fulfilment.

The need to take photographs which inspire and evoke emotion and feelings is something I believe is a part of who I am. I always endeavour to take photography to the next level.

Creating balance and harmony in photographs can produce something visually stunning.

Images I take hopefully enable the viewer to immerse themselves, ask questions and stimulate emotions.

When traveling around, I can come across scenes I like. However, I ask myself, how does that scene make me feel, what do I like about that scene and would that provoke emotions in others.

With seascapes I look for strong subjects for composition – sea defences, piers and boulders which can provide a strong composition. Shingled or pebbled stretches of beach can offer the chance to capture some good shots with water lapping over a shingle or pebbled shoreline.

Simply changing a couple of settings can transform the entire feel by either increasing or decreasing the shutter speed.

Photographing lakes can be extraordinarily calming. Using wide angle to capture the panoramic vista,

whilst framing the scene with overhanging branches. One of my favourite characteristics of lakes is how still and mirror like they can be. Allowing you to capture images with reflections in the water.

Good photography is seeing the beauty in everyday life and capturing it in an image you can reflect on at any time.

Its an art form which is simply timeless….

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