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For the Love of Music and Photography

For the love of music and photography

Music and photography captures and reminds you of a moment in life

These moments tend to be happy joyful experiences, which trigger emotions by simply looking at images from places you have been, people you have met or listening to a music track from a period in your life.

All types of music from Jazz, Soul to Country have lyrics and musical arrangements which resonate with people and create emotions in the same way photographs do.

Music today is very much a visual experience and I would like to think my photographs project that.

Photography is not there to capture the sound, its there to capture the feeling and emotion. The musicians expression or the movement, the stage lighting and the audience reaction. Hopefully it all combines to create the perfect image and projects the intimacy of the event.

Music photography is an art form as is producing the music itself. However it does tend to go unnoticed. It can be technically challenging with constantly changing light and moving subjects. You not only require a very steady hand, patience and technical ability but importantly you require artistic creativity.

The photograph should not just represent the emotions of the musician it must also show the authenticity of the event.

For me personally listening to the music and being able to capture it in a photography is simply emotionally rewarding.

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