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Creative warmth

Creative Warmth

With Hospitality having struggled over the last 2 years due to the Covid restrictions. Finding a way to entice people back into cafe's, bars, restaurants and Hotels is essential.

Having spent 35 years supplying a product to enhance hospitality interiors with Trees and foliage. I now look to capture the warmth and welcoming feel that these business's strive to achieve with photography.

From the curb appeal to the food you put on the plate. Capturing the image that sells your establishment has become more important, especially with social media. The ability to take photographs which draws the customer in, sits them down and serves food they really want to enjoy is an art.

Professional images should contain warmth, depth of field, enhance the colour scheme and create a focal point which draws the eye.

Once you have the photograph of the front of the restaurant looking warm cosy and inviting, the internal photographs would need to have the same appeal. Find a table where the customer could sit comfortably and feel part of the ambience of the establishment.

Finally, the food. An essential ingredient for a great evening. Professional photographs of the food should be taken with perfect natural light, great detail and, I believe, a background emphasising the feel of the restaurant.

Do not sell your self short with your photographs, use professional shots from someone trained in the art..

Be proud of your business and welcome your customer before they even arrive...

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